Islamic Istikhara To Get Married To Someone You Love

Istikhara for marriage
A wedding is a beautiful experience. And, marriage is an institution unlike any other. Islamic Istikhara To Get Married To Someone You Love Therefore, the decision of tying this knot with a person should only be finalized after a lot of thought and consideration. While most of us are betrothed to a person by the choice of our parents, some of us are lucky enough to get married to someone we love.

Do you also like someone? If yes, do you want to get married to that special someone? Perhaps you are worried that the person might reject you. If you are worried about that, then don’t worry. Because Islamic istikhara and dua will help you get married to that person.

Do you want to know how to perform that dua to get married to the person that you love? If yes, then read this following dua

How to perform istikhara for marriage to a person of your choice –
On the night of the full moon, grab any red-colored cloth. Write down the name of your loved one with a marker on that cloth.
Tie it up with a young tree anywhere near your house. Make sure it’s the one with blossoming flowers.
On a Thursday, start by your morning prayer
After performing the namaaz, repeat the first verse of Surah at least 11 times
Now repeat “Zahara Al Zameeni Simony convoy Tomar Allah Fidul” 400 times
Once again repeat Surah 3 times
Do this for a month and once again approach the person for a marriage proposal

Hurdles that stand in the way of marriage to a loved one
Often the road to love and marriage is not exactly a pleasant one. You often have to cross certain hurdles and go through some challenges before you can obtain that special love. But, don’t worry. Islamic Istikhara To Get Married To Someone You Love. Love is a force that can give you the motivation you never knew you had in you.

Therefore, once you are sure that you want/love a particular someone, you need to find out how to get married to that person. Perhaps your parents are not happy with the choice of your life partner. Dua to marry someone of your choice Or maybe there are some financial obstructions standing in the way of you and your loved one. Regardless of the situation, you need to know that everything is possible. You can change the hearts of your parents if they are unhappy with your partner’s choice.

What to remember before performing this dua
You have to know that Islamic istikhara will only work if you have undead faith. Istikhara for love back If you lose faith, then this istikhara will also become less effective. The power of faith can move and change people’s hearts in ways that we can’t even imagine. Islamic Istikhara To Get Married To Someone You Love. Therefore, don’t be surprised if suddenly your parents start to agree with what you have to say.

Once you have performed the dua for the specified period of time, you need to once again ask your parents (if that is the problem standing in the way of marriage). You will be surprised by the nature of their response this time around. If it’s the person that rejected you, after performing the dua, you would need to ask them once again for a marriage proposal. Surely this time around their will have a different response to your question.

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