Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

Dua is an excellent Hindi or Urdu tactics which are widely used to get accepted for love marriage proposal. When we pray to Allah combined with good desire, there creates a way to manage the situations and to influence the other parties to think positively and that’s how Dua works for a marriage proposal.

We will share the most powerful Dua here on this page, which is relevant to the acceptance of marriage proposal and remove the barriers in which you will find the best way to manage people to get accepted your Marriage proposal.

Dua For Marriage Proposal Acceptance

  1. Anybody can do this procedure.
  2. The procedure should be performed after offering the maghrib namaz. It is suggested that you should take a bath and make the ablution again.
  3. Now, put the rug in a peaceful place where nobody can bother you.
  4. when you are done with the above procedure sit on the prayer rug.
  5. Now recite, YaAliyyu for 2970.
  6. Do this for the 40 days continuously and inshallah you will get the desired result.

Powerful wazifa for good marriage proposal

I have already mentioned several Dua, nothing is more powerful than the Dua I’m going to share; Anyone who will do this wazifa will be under the supervision of Allah and he/she will never face any problems in their life. He/she will always find the right way to go forward without having any issues.

Who will make the Wazifa with full of respect to Allah and have faith in him, will see the future in his/her dream and Allah-tala will tell everything that is going to happen with him/her and even he/she will never have to ask anyone for anything. Whatever he/she need Allah will provide.

At the end, you need to make some important Dua

“Darood or Salavat” 11 times.
“Bis-Millah Hir Rehmanir-Harim” 1000 times.
Now make the Dua every day for your wish or desire, Allah will give you everything you need.

Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

The ritual to perform the dua for a good marriage proposal is given below:

Wash your hands and feet.
Recite Surah Yasin three times.
Now recite, “Ya Aliyyu” 1700 times and plead Allah for a good marriage proposal with pure heart and belief.
Complete the ritual by reading Durood e Sharif twice and thanking Allah.
Perform this ritual for 42 days and you will receive the best marriage proposals. Perform the dua with full faith and belief in Allah. We recommend you also visualize the kind of marriage proposal that you wish to receive while reciting duas for good marriage proposals.

Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

Dua for marriage with a loved one is given below:

Recite Surah Muzammil daily once and after you complete it, keep your face towards Kiblah and make dua to Allah Talah for your love marriage. Insha Allah, within 41 days, you will get desired results.

Along with this, you should also recite this dua 100 times daily for 11 days.

“Subhanal Lazee Khalakal Azwaja Kullaha Mimma Tumbitul Arzu Wa Min Anfusihim wa Mimm La Ya Lamoon“

Insha Allah, soon your desires will turn into reality. If you have any queries related to the dua, feel free to contact us. If you want any customized help for your case, come to us.

Islamic Dua For Love Marriage

Remember nothing in this world happens without the will of Allah. So, if you wish to achieve something in your life, then you should only make dua to Allah Miyan.The Islamic dua for love marriage will ease all your marriage related problems. Right from convincing your parents to your lover and their parents, it will do everything for you, provided you recite dua for marriage with a loved one with right intentions and purity in heart. Yes, your intentions make a lot of difference in the acceptance of your dua.

If you are really worried about your parent’s affirmation, then dua for love marriage to agree parents is the best solution for it. Recite the dua and pray for the agreement of your parents and you will get desired results. In order to get the Islamic dua for love marriage, you should get in touch with our molvi sab With his guidance, you will be able to get positive results very soon, without making any mistake. So, make dua for marriage with a loved one and Insha Allah, soon your love marriage will take place as per your desire and convenience.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem

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