Dua to make someone dream of you

Dua to make someone dream of you

Dua to make someone dream of you: If you want to make someone dream of you, this article can be of great help. There are times when young people fall in love with someone and seek ways to attract him/her so that they can build mutual love. Making dua for Muslims plays an important role here because it can help them to meet their needs soon. In this article, we are going to introduce the dua to make someone dream of you.

In the following, you can recite four duas to make someone dream of you. Don’t forget to recite the given wazifa wholeheartedly in a quiet place.

Dua to know the hidden truth in 1 day

Even the biggest shock is not going to surprise you. Because you are already prepared for whatever is coming to you.

How to know what the future holds for you? Well, all you have to do is perform this Wazifa.

Wazifa for peeping into the future
Recite durood e, Ibrahim, thrice
Repeat this Wazifa 101 times
“Allah Bismillah Ibrahmimee laa yaa maas dirham VA sal al Raheem” 654 times

Now be mindful of your dreams. It is highly likely that within a week of performing this Wazifa, you will get to know the future in the form of your dreams.
Perform this Wazifa for a month for success.

Istikhara to see future husband in dream

If the future holds some kind of trouble for you, then you can prepare yourself by knowing the future. Wazifa to get spiritual powers You can make preparations for all kinds of possible scenarios. When you are equipped with this kind of information you can avoid some major issues from happening.

You can save your relationships, your job, your financial freedom, and all aspects of your life from the doom. There are a whole bunch of benefits of successfully knowing what the future holds for you. But, for that, you need to have a clear and open mind.

Let us know your troubles

If you are experiencing some kind of hardship or trouble in your life then you can always talk to us. Wazifa to see future in a dream Our Moliv Ji will listen to your issues. Based on the nature of your problems he will suggest the perfect Wazifa.

You may also be asked to wear a Taweez for added efficiency, effectiveness, and protection.

How to Have Good Dreams in Islam

Dreams are also existed in Islam, as many of our Prophets has experienced it before. All the meaningful dreams that comes from Allah is indeed a good dreams. But sometime, instead of good dream, we experienced the worst dream ever. Everyone wished to have a good dream in their sleep, and here is how to have a good dreams in Islam:

  1. Sleep After the Isya Prayer

If we are following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Inshaa Allah we could have a good dream in our sleep. The Prophet had a good habit of sleeping after the Isya prayer. After doing the obligatory prayer, our heart will be put in a good condition, and we may have a good dream after that. Don’t forget to remind yourself to wake up for the Tahajjud prayer later at night.’

  1. Recite the Ayatul Kursy Before Sleep

There is one verse in Surah Al Baqara that is very good to keep us away from Shaytaan. remember that bad dreams are the work of Shaytaan, and we must never let Shaytaan to enter our mind. Recite the Ayatul Kursy before sleep, after reading the dua before going to sleep.

  1. Remember Allah Before Going to Sleep

Do Dhikr right before going to sleep. A Muslim should always remembers Allah in anything, including when they are going to sleep. By remembering Allah, we stay close to Him even when we are in our unconscious state.

[AdSense-B] You can perform any Dhikr that contains Allah’s name. But the Sunnah said that the best Dhikr to do before going to sleep is saying Subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times, Allahuakbar 33 times, and end it with Laa Illa Ha Illalah.

Allah is the best of protector, so entrust your life, death, and sleep only to him. Just be sure that Allah will never let Shaytaan to get close to the servants that He cherish, and a servant that always remember Him.

  1. Sleep While Facing Qibla

When you are sleeping, make sure that you sleep on your right side while facing the Qibla. This would protect us from the bad intention of Shaytaan that going to enter our mind. Shaytaan will never stop to do something bad to us, human, regardless of time. The worse is, we are in our weakest state when falling asleep, so the chance of Shaytaan to get close to us will be bigger. This is why we should put our best guard before going to sleep.

How To Do Istikhara For Future Husband?

How To Do Istikhara For Future Husband? Istikhara is a Dua in Islam, through which you request Allah to be a guide. If you want to know something about your future husband by Allah, you can do istikhara for this. With istikhara, you can decide for your future husband. So now we are going to know about how to do istikhara for future husband.

Nowadays, people give more preference to marriage to a boy or girl of their choice. Now a big question is in front of us. How to do istikhara for future husband? If you also like someone, and want to marry them, then you should try the Istikhara described below:-

To fulfill the desire of marriage of your choice, you should pray to Allah-Tala. Recite the name of “Allah” like this
11 times: Darud-E- Sharif
313 times: Allah-Qual
Eleven times: Darud-E- Sharif (finally).
For 41 days, you will be able to marry only the boy of your choice with the blessings of Allah.
At a time when you need to marry, yet your family is against it, at that time, you can use the Istikhara given below.
Read these lessons daily after Namaj:-
Nineteen times: do Bismillah.
One thousand one hundred times: Read verse number 129 of Surah Tauba.
Must read Darud-e-Sharif at least three times a day.
All the Dua and Istikhara mentioned in the article have been tried by the expert. You should also try them with full devotion and get your desired results. Allah will fulfill all your wishes. Amen.

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