Most Effective Powerful Dua For Husband Love Back in your life

Dua To Gain Husband’s Love; Every relationship goes through ups and downs and misunderstandings and arguments which creates drift between the husband and wife. Due to these fights, arguments, everyday life problems, love between husband and wife are bound to decrease. If you want to know how to increase love between husband and wife in Islam with the help of dua and wazifa and make your love and marital life better, then you have come to the right page!

Love dua or dua to increase love between husband and wife is a powerful way to increase love in your husband’s heart. So today we will share with you a powerful Islamic dua to increase love between husband and wife. This dua to gain husband’s love is for all those women who want to increase the love in their husband’s heart and want to live together with them. We are delighted to introduce you to this love dua because this will give you immense benefits if you have been struggling in your married life to get the attention and love from your husband.

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There are many temptations in the world that can change our needs and interests from time to time and to resist the urge to follow our desires is difficult but it is necessary that we do so. You might find your husband slipping away from your love and searching for love somewere else and it might feel like a helpless situation. But there are many dua to help you rekindle the love you thought you lost. Through Islam you can bring back your husband soul, mind and body and make him as devoted to you as a husband ought to be.

Performing a dua must be done with a lot of devotion and care otherwise it will not be effective. Follow the below given steps to get your husband’s love back.

The first step to performing this dua is to make sure that you perform it after the Maghrib Namaz
You should be sure that you have completed the Wudu or the ablution
Next you have to pray the Chashat Salah.
After the prayer you have to recite the Darood Shareef up to eleven times.
The next step is to read the below given dua to melt your husband’s heart and make him love you.
Wa Minn Ayatihee Ann Khalaka Lakumminn Anfusikum Azwa Jallitaskunuu Ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Baina Kumma Wadda Tauva Rahma. Inna Fi Zalika La Ayatilli Qaumiyya Tafaqarun.

After completing the dua you have to recite the Darood Shareef eleven more times.

How To Increase Love Between Husband and Wife in Islam

There is no doubt in the fact that these days there are a lot of insecurities around marital life and relationships these days. If you are suspicious that your husband might be attracted to some other woman, then this love dua will help you gain your husband’s love back. Allah has given us all the solutions in the Holy Quran and with his blessings, we can solve any problem in our life.

Dua is a very effective and easy way to make your desires and prayers heard by Allah. This dua to increase love in your husband’s heart will do wonders for you if you and you can see the results within weeks! Dua to gain husband’s love works best when you recite this dua with faith and positive intentions. You can also use love between husband and wife dua to bring your husband closer to you if you have been feeling differences in your relationship lately.

Dua To Gain Husband’s Love

It is really important to maintain the love and passion between husband and wife for maintaining peaceful family life. This dua is the blessing of Allah. This Quran verse will definitely help you reclaim the love from your husband. He will start loving you and making you a priority in his life again. This dua is the Ayat no 39 from Quran chap 16, Surah Taha: “Wa-alqaytu ‘Alayka ma’habbatan minnee walitusna-‘a ‘ala A’aynee”.

Recite this dua for at least seven weeks and three times a day to get the most effective results.

You can also recite “BISMILLAHIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM”, a hundred times a day for three weeks.

This dua will increase the love between husband and wife and will also work as a dua to gain husband’s love back.

We suggest you recite any or both of these duas to increase love between husband and wife to gain husband’s love.

We pray that Allah fulfills all your desire. We urge you to share your experience with us.

Most Powerful Perform Dua for Husband Love Back

There are times when there will be problems and fights between partners and this can drive them apart and make them love each other less. You might be in such a situation and wish for your husband to love you like he used to and to feel attraction towards you. While performing a dua its extremely important that you follow some basic rules so that your dua will have good results and not backfire. The act of performing a dua is a supplication to Allah to help you with your problem. Therefore, it is detrimental that you take note on certain things before you perform the Dua for husband love back.

The first and foremost thing you should be sure to do it the Wudu or the ablution as your body should be cleansed before any dua.
You shouldn’t perform the dua by harboring any ill intentions in your mind as the dua can then back fire and will have no effect.
The dua can be more effective if you keep your husband on your mind or keep a photo of him nearby to focus the dua for him.
Women who are having their periods shouldn’t perform the dua
You shouldn’t tell anyone that you are performing the dua because you might not know who has ill intentions towards you and your husband.
Do not perform the dua for any unnecessary reason
Be sure that you use the correct pronunciation for the dua as incorrect pronunciation will not give the desired results.
When performing the dua you should have complete faith and trust in Allah otherwise it will be ineffective.
Be sure to follow the procedure as given for best results

Dua for Husband Love in Islam

The relationship between husband and wife is not only an authorization but it is also the duty of both the couples. It is also the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad to get married. But do you know brothers and sisters? Marriage needs understanding, cooperation, and trust.

Both the husband and wife should take care of their partner. If both the couple wants to live a happy married life, then they must have faith in each other. We also know that, every relationship has some issues, and if you take all those issues seriously. Then it may also help to increase the love between husband and wife.

But if you don’t take care of your husband or wife (partner), then it may also lead to a divorce. It’s your duty for you to save your marriage from divorce because it’s both of your duty. The misunderstanding occurs in every relationship and it’s also part of our life. But if you are facing any type of problem in your relationship, then also take benefit from Wazifa to make husband crazy in love.

Powerful Dua for Husband Love Back

All wives wish for their husband’s love and attention and to have a special place in their husband’s mind and heart. There are instances where the wife is living in an unhappy marriage because her husband doesn’t love her and is attracted to other women. The wife can use the dua for her husband’s love to get back her husband’s love and affection. There are many dua to help you achieve your goal and they are very powerful so you should use them only for a just cause.

You should first perform an ablution
You should offer the Nafil prayer twice.
Be sure to offer your payers five times each and every day.
Then you have to recite a hundred times the dua given below
HasbunAllahu wa ni mal wakeel

Then recite forty times the Durood-e-Tunjeena.
Then you should pray to Allah to give your husband’s love to you.
Take proper care and perform it for seven days or more until you see results.
This powerful dua will help rekindle the love and trust you had with your husband.

Learn Here Which surah to read for husband love?

If you open the Quran then you will see every solution to your problem on it. Because the Almighty Allah has given us the solution of each and every problem in the holy book Quran. Surah Fatiha is also the remedy to gain the love of a husband along with a dua e qunoot is also the best option.

And if you want to know dua for a husband to love his wife only, then our Molvi Ji has worked hard to find that dua. Inshallah if you will perform an exact procedure of that dua, then you will definitely get benefits from this dua. With the help of this dua, you have to create the feeling of love in the heart of a husband.

Every time a wife accepts everything for his husband and she only expects the loyalty of her husband. Now you have to perform the procedure of this dua for husband love and perform it in the right way. You can also follow each and every step of dua for controlling your husband.


Here is the step by step procedure of dua for husbands love:

First of all, make an ablution (Wudu).
Pray a Chashat Salah.
Recite 11 times Darood Shareef.
Read the below dua to melt husband’s heart and then, again recite Darood Shareef 11 times.
Wa Minn Ayatihee Ann Khalaka Lakumminn Anfusikum Azwa Jallitaskunuu Ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Baina Kumma Wadda Tauva Rahma. Inna Fi Zalika La Ayatilli Qaumiyya Tafaqarun.

Inshallah, this dua for husband love will help you, and if you don’t want to perform such a thing. Then you can also take help from our Molvi Ji and he is 24/7 ready to help you. Call him now and you can also message him on WhatsApp.

Instructions to do wazifa for husband love and relationship

One of the couples must recite wazifa before dawn. He/she will sit on Namaz Mat (Musallah) facing the side of Qiblah Sharif. Keep some sugar before you.
Chant Durood-e- Ibrahimi 7 times (which we read in Namaz) and read Durood-e- Taj Sharif 22 times before chanting Durood-e- Ibrahimi.
ALLAH AZZA WA JAL improves love and attraction between husband-wife and makes the husband feel guilty about the mistake for his wife.
Do not forget to blow the sugar and both Husband-wife should utilize this Sugar whenever having tea or any other refreshment.
Do this Amal for seven days on the Sugar and every day use the sugar.
You can keep 2 to 3 kg of sugar with the goal that you can use it for a long time.
Insha ALLAH Azzawajal in seven days you will see the outcomes.


You need to remember one thing, that to make your marriage life successful, you need to give lots of time to your husband. By talking and spending time with each other, all the material problems will solve automatically, and your husband’s love towards you will increase gradually. No matter what the situation is, support your husband and never disrespect him. He might be going through many hurdles, Dua for husband and wife love from Quran will make everything settled.

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