Powerful Dua to Stop Husband Having Affair

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Unfortunately, this sacred relationship seems to be going through a period of turmoil, more frequently than ever. This Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman Are Very Powerful as many couples today who were facing this problem are now happy.

The situation gets worse when it comes to men. It is even more commonplace for men to have experienced even after they are married. The whole ‘the other woman’ stereotype is more real today than it ever was. There is Dua for cheating husband.

There is a way for you to make sure that your husband will leave that other woman, and he will not share your love with anyone else. Would you like to know how you can do that? If yes, then you need to read this dua. It will restore the love, peace, and harmony that once seemed natural to your life.

How To Perform This Dua for Husband To Leave The Other Woman

First of all, make sure you have freshened up.
Now sit like you usually do during namaaz.
Recite Al Baqarah 7 times
Now chant this mantra 564 times.
“Allah Bismillah Surah Quman Torah Zimali Somali fitur.”
Conclude this by reciting ‘Ya Wadoodo’ 432 times
Make sure to perform this dua non-stop for at least 31 days.

Keep remember, You deserve happiness. One of the worst things any woman can do is accept this bitter reality. A lot of the women do not even fight for their love. They get the fact that their husband is bound to have affairs outside of their marriage. Many would label this thing as usual when, in fact, it’s anything but typical. Dua for husband to leave the other woman will work for you.

A man and a woman are supposed to love only each other. Their love is supposed to be pure and exclusive. The entry or a third person is bound to ruin things. For the protection of your love, try this Islamic dua to get your husband back.


Marriage only remains good if both husband and wife remain loyal and be honest with each other. If one starts keeping secrets or stars to hurt the others, it will eventually start to fall apart.

Both husband, as well as wife, need to take marriage seriously and take care of each other well as it only happens once in our lifetime. If both of you stay loyal and true to each other, then neither of you will have to recite these dua for cheating husband and such.

And some husbands start being rude to their wives and don’t include them while making important decisions. These husbands need to understand that we do not live in a men dominant society anymore, both husband and wife have equal rights over everything and anything in the household as well as in society.

In most of the cases, these behaviors start happening when your husband is cheating on you with some other woman. Yes, it is hard to deal with but there’s a way you can actually find out if your husband is cheating on you or not.

This simple way is to follow our procedure of dua for cheating husband

You need to be in wudu state
You can recite this dua for cheating husband at any time.
All you have to recite is “Surah al-maidah” at least 51 times along with Durood-e-Shareef in the beginning as well as in the end.
Then In Sha Allah, Almighty Allah SWT will guide and let you have the most deserving results out of this dua for cheating spouse.

Dua for Unfaithful Husband

If your husband is keeping secrets and isn’t loyal to you, then you must consider talking to him about it, if ever had a bond like that and if you’re comfortable asking so. Otherwise, if you just doubt him for doing so then you can just follow the dua for unfaithful husband and Almighty Allah SWT shall let you know about it soon.

The Dua for unfaithful husband goes the same as for Dua for cheating husband as given above. But if you want to recite it as a wazifa, then you can recite the same Surah for 786 times for results.

Then you’ll definitely know if your husband is cheating on you and the dua for cheating spouse.

Keep faith in Almighty Allah SWT and always try to imagine your husband’s face while reciting and praying these Duas for your husband.

Procedure to Perform the Dua to Stop My Husband Having Affair

Whether you are alone and have none to help you or you have people to help you, Allah will re to save you from such an unfortunate situation. The dua to stop my husband having affair can be used in any situation where you doubt your husband having an affair with another woman or if you feel that he is starting to lose interest in the marriage and is seeking to start another relationship. There can be many reasons why the husband or wife can opt to commit a sin like having an extramarital affair.

  • Firstly, some marriages which are arranged can be a source of extramarital affairs, especially if it was a forced and hurried marriage. There is no basic understanding between the two of them because they were strangers before their marriage.
  • Secondly, when there is a lack of trust, there will be a conflict which will lead to severe complications between the couple, which will then lead to one of the two or both finding comfort elsewhere.
  • Thirdly, financial problems can also contribute to illicit affairs.

The dua to stop my husband having affair will help you greatly if you find yourself looking for a way to bring your husband or boyfriend to his senses and realize his mistake. Even if your husband is not having an affair and is only thinking of having an affair, this dua will change his mind and give you trust in your heart.

  • The first step to performing this is to perform the wudu or complete ablution.
  • Find a quiet place where you can pray in complete peace and solitude.
  • Once that is over, recite the Durood Shareef three times.
  • Then you have to recite the dua to stop my husband having affair that is given below 1001 times.

Kullu la Yastaweel Khashbooo Wattayboowal Walau Ajabka Kasratal Khabeesoo Fatakull Laja ya Ulil Alabal la Ilaahkum Tuflehoon”

  • After that, you have to recite the Surah Lahab five hundred times.
  • Finally, you have to recite the Durood Shareef three more times.

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