wazifa to forget someone

When you fall in love you dont know that you both will be togather forever or not, thats why I always advise to all my followers that you can love but after marriage, because there is not chance that you will lose your love, but if you fallen in love and your lover got married to someone else and now you want to forget your love, do this Wazifa to Forget Your Love or Someone.

After every salat recite 3rd kalima (mentioned above) and la hawla wala quwwata illa billah ali ul azeem, 7 times , do this 7 days, in shaa Allah you will forget your love.

Dua To Forget Someone Completely
Dua To Forget Someone Completely, In your young age, you fall in love with someone and spend lots of time of your life with your lover, but after getting married to someone else, life get completely changed.

Dua To Forget Someone Completely
You cannot keep any illegal or haram relationship so you have to concentrate on your married life. You have to be loyal to your partner so it is better to forget your ex completely. Forgetting the past memories and beautiful parts of life is not easy but you have to walk on this difficult path.

Perform the ritual for 7 consecutive days. Start on a Friday.Choose a quiet place in your room for the wazifa to forget someone you love

A cleansed body and mind are essential for any ritual. Start with proper wuzu before you perform the wazifa to forget someone you love
Pick any verse from Durood Shareef and recite continuously 7 times.
After your daily Salaat, chant the 3Kalima:

subhaa- nallaahiwal- hamdulill aahiwalaai laahaillallaahu wallaahu akbar
Recite the following dua, 7 times continuously

la hawla walaquwwataill abillahali ul azeem
Recite the following dua, 21 times continuously.

allahummainneea ’uzubikaminal hammiwalhuzniwaa’ uzubikaminal ‘ajziwalkasaliwaa’ uzubikaminalbukhli waljubniwaa’ uzubika min galabatiddayni waqahrir-rijaali

Recite the same verse from Durood Shareef again, 7 times continuously.

Pray to Allah to bless your heart with the strength to forget the lost love. Mention the name of the person you wish to forget and ask for Allah’s blessings to support you in the endeavor.
Note for Females:You can perform this wazifa to forget someone you love ritual during menses/periods.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

Islamic Dua for Someone to Love You
Love is the smooth and pleasing experience that we feel from soul for someone special. Love always gives best compliment in the form of noble companion. If you do love to someonesecretly and want to become his or her life partner, that’s good idea and we will help to complete your wishes. Make a love path easy with the help of Islamic dua and prepare to someone for love life. Islamic dua is the most beneficial for single sided love where it creates love in the second person’s heart and make them love couple for each other. It generates vibration in the heart and release love feelings affectionately. Islamic dua for someone to love you is nice for needy persons.

Recite (أَحَبَّكَ الَّذِي أَحْبَبْتَنِي لَهُ) it and say to Allah about incomplete love life. hope, Allah will surely help of you in this matter.
Read (ya haqqi laa illahaha antaa shubhanakha inni koontu minalazzelemeen) after the night namaaz as obligatory prayers for Allah.
Recite (جَزَاكَ اللَّهُ خَيْرَاً) it in the morning for that person which you want to add in your love life for becoming life partner.
Choose a clean and peaceful space and recite (ya sayiddall kareemee yabhirumatee bismillah e rhman e rhim) for fulfilling the desired wish.
Recite (أَوْفَيْتَنِي أَوْفَى اللَّهُ بِكَ) it in the evening for a special one who has not interest in you while you want to him or her careful for yourself.

Dua To Get Someone Back in Your Life
If your lover has left you for someone else but you still want him back in your life, then Allah Talah will surely help you. Practice dua to get someone back in your life and Insha Allah, your lover will leave that person and will come back to you. He will realize his mistake and will come to you for forgiveness. He will want to be in a relationship with you again and will love you more than before. You can acquire dua to get someone back in your life from our molvi sb. He has helped a lot of hopeless people with best solutions.

Dua to make someone love you back is given below:
Recite this dua 100 times daily at any time for 41 days.

“Allah Humma Layyin Qalbi Fulan Binti Fulan Kama Layyintil Hadidi Li Sayyidina Da’ud Alayhis Salam”

Where “Fulan ibn-e-fulan is written, write the name of the person you want to love you along with his/ her mother’s name. Like if the boy’s name is Zaid and his mother’s name is Aisha. then say “Zaid ibn-e-Aisha”

The wazifa is very powerful and will melt the heart of your crush and he/ she will immediately fall in love with you. If you still have any queries, speak to us.